CEO & Executive Director

John Potter

  • Accomplished Chief Executive and project manager with many years' experience working within the energy sector
  • Wide range of skills, knowledge and industry connections
  • Proficient in identifying, understanding and managing project and applying optimal mitigation strategies

Chairman Non-Executive Director

Malcolm Groat

  • Extensive corporate experience including roles as Chairman, Non- Executive Director, Chair of Audit, CEO, COO and CFO for a number of companies
  • Advisor on compliance and governance, strategy and operational improvement, and managing the risks of rapid change

Non-Executive Director

Zac Phillips

  • Over 25 years’ experience in oil & gas and finance, working for companies such as BP, Chevron, DB Petroleum, Merrill Lynch and ING Barings, where I undertook finance or finance related roles.
  • Previously CFO for Dubai World’s oil & gas business (DB Petroleum), with responsibility for risk management, valuation and authoring of investment proposals. During this time, I valued more than 152 transactions with a combined transaction value of in excess of $63bn.
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering from Wales and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Bath University.

Non-Executive Director

Louis Castro

  • Highly experienced and well qualified Director and Chartered Accountant with some thirty years spent in industry and in financial services.
  • Has extensive finance experience, acting as CFO for publicly listed Eland Oil & Gas plc, managing risks associated with operating in hostile jurisdictions, managing a budget of over $150m
  • Provides expert change management insight, including the development of risk identification and mitigation strategies